Step by Step How To Gift LINE Stickers

Tuesday December 5th, 2017
How to gift LINE sticker

Sticker can be gifted from one LINE account to other account, one of the easiest way to get free stickers from or to friends. Sending LINE stickers as gift is very easy, anyone can do it.

Read on how to send LINE sticker as gift using LINE store website, and Android app. Including how to download gifted stickers.

Gift LINE Sticker With LINE Store Website

You can use LINE Sticker web store to gift your friends with your favorite browser without the need to reach your smartphone. Here’s how.

  1. Visit LINE Store website, you need to login first to send sticker gift.
  2. After login, find the stickers you want to gift, then press Send as a Gift button located under the sticker price. You can’t miss it the button is quite large.
    Send gift sticker line webstore
  3. Next step, choose your friend who will receive the sticker, you may select more than one friends. On the next screen pick any LINE Friends image for the gift, it doesn’t matter which one, it’s only for cosmetic.
    select recipient friends
  4. Then press Purchase button to pay the sticker. Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled. Choose your preferred payment method; LINE Credit, LINE Pay e-cash, credit card or with your cellular credits. Each region has different payment options.
    Payment method
  5. Press OK to complete the gifting process. When the payment succeeds, you will see an image like this.
  6. Press OK to close the pop-up window. At this time, your friend will have the stickers.

Send Sticker Gift with LINE App for Android

You can send sticker gift with LINE app for Android, here’s how.

  1. Open the stickers you want to gift from LINE Sticker Store menu.
  2. In the sticker pack of your choice, press Send as Gift button.
    send sticker gift Android app
  3. After that, pick your friends who will receive the sticker. You may choose more than one friends. Press Select button at the bottom of your screen. Sometimes the button is not visible, hide your keyboard to reveal it by pressing Back button on your Android device.
    Select recepient friends
  4. In the next screen, choose LINE Friends image, then press Purchase Gift button.
    Select image Line
  5. The next step is to use your preferred payment method using your LINE coins, LINE credit, credit card or credit carrier. Each region has a different payment method.

Send Sticker Gift with LINE for iOS

Unfortunately, LINE for iOS does not have sticker gift feature due to restrictions by Apple. We suggest sending LINE sticker gift with LINE web store as mention above.
No send gift feature on LINE iOS

Checking Purchase History of Gifted Sticker

Your sticker purchase history can be seen on your LINE Android or iOS by opening Sticker Shop, press the icon on top right of the screen. In Setting Stickers screen, press Purchase History menu to see all your purchased or gifted stickers pack.
How to check purchase history

Why Some Stickers Can Not Be Gift

You can only send gift paid stickers, for free stickers you can share it via share button on your iOS or Android LINE app.

In feature phone of LINE app, the sticker gift feature is not available. Gift sticker only available in smartphone version LINE app. Make sure when you send the sticker to your friend, they use smartphone versions such as Android or iOS. Users registered using Facebook also cannot accept or send sticker as a gift, they need to register a phone number to LINE app in order to use the feature.

You can not send sticker if your the account has blocked you, you also can not accept sticker from the account you blocked.

How to Accept Sticker Gift

Gifted stickers will be visible on he chat screen, you can get the sticker by pressing Check it out button like this one.
How to accept gift sticker

After that, you can download the sticker by pressing Download (purchased) button, that’s mean the sticker already paid by the account who gifted the sticker.

Sending and receipt sticker line is easy peasy, right? LINE has done a great job to make the process user-friendly.

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