How to search LINE Stickers on Android and iOS

Tuesday May 30th, 2017

LINE sticker store has huge sticker inventories. Downloading the stickers can be an overwhelming experience because of the vast amount of stickers created by various brands and creators.

LINE Stickers based on creator type

Based on sticker creator LINE can be grouped into three stickers types. A Creator is a person, designer or brands that produced and sell the stickers on LINE sticker stores.

First, there are LINE’s official stickers usually containing LINE’s character such as Brown or Connie. Most of these stickers are available for free.

Second, stickers from LINE’s official partners. For example, Hello Kitty stickers pack. Stickers from LINE’s official partners usually created by for a campaign, some are available for free but mostly has a price tag.

Third, stickers by LINE’s sticker creators, stickers in this category are made by artist and designer around the globe. Stickers by creators have a specific section on LINE sticker store. Sticker published by STCKRmarket fall under LINE’s sticker creator.

How to get STCKRmarket sticker on LINE sticker creator On Android or iOS

This method is not restricted to our stickers only, you also can search any stickers. Searching for stickers is faster than browsing through LINE sticker stores listing.

  1. Go to Other tabs on LINE app (the 3 dots icon), then tap Sticker Shop.
  2. In Sticker Shop screen, tap the search icon at the top bar. A search input will be shown under the bar.
  3. Type your search keyword, for example, “STCKRmarket.”
  4. The search result will be grouped by tab Official and Creators. Our stickers are on Creators tab.