Another LINE sticker release requirement that you should know

Wednesday January 31st, 2018

We all know that LINE has so many reasons to reject our sticker submissions. Recently our stickers got rejected with reason that we previously thought was only apply for a humanoid character.

Since the infamous LGBT sticker theme a couple of years ago, LINE impose stricter design regulations for stickers to be released in Indonesia. One of those was regarding of skinship, which caused many creators’ stickers got rejected for showing an act as friendly as holding hands between characters.

It turned out this rule was not only for human characters because our newest submissions of Playful husky and Bella the poodle sticker was rejected because it contains sticker showing two dogs cuddling.

The rejection reason LINE gave us was:

3.12. Stickers that may potentially attack or cause particular displeasure to a religion, culture, people group or nationality.

LINE Sticker Rejection

With Valentine’s day approaching, we sticker creator have to think harder to show romantic gestures on our sticker designs. Because turned out, no characters are allowed to show skinship in LINE sticker.

Have your Valentine’s Day dan Chinese New Year stickers are ready yet?