PNG Animator, The Best APNG assembler for Mac

Wednesday August 9th, 2017
PNG Animator - best APNG app creator

Mac users only have a small selection of apps for APNG creation. Open-source applications such as APNG assembler for Mac have some drawbacks that make it less intuitive. PNG animator covers what APNG assembler couldn’t provide, at the time this article written PNG Animator is STCKRmarket team’s choice for creating APNG files on the macOS.

Creating an APNG file using PNG Animator requires PNG sequence. Simply drag-n-drop all PNG sequence into the PNG Animator window. Each PNG file turned into a frame, which you can set its duration. You can also set the default frame duration, or change the duration of multiple frames at once. PNG Animator displays the total animation duration at the top part of the window, very useful for LINE sticker that requires the duration of the animation to be round 1, 2, 3 or 4 seconds. However, the duration displayed sometimes does not come updated when we change some of the frame duration. Hopefully, this bug can be fixed in the next release.

PNG Aniator Duration

Bella The Princess Poodle sticker download

There are 3 types of compression available: zlip, 7zip, zopfli which are the standard compression for APNG. For those who are not familiar with the compression differences: Zopfli has the biggest compression that will make the APNG file size smaller compared to the other compression, but it has the longest APNG processing time. 7zip is the most balanced between file size and processing time, while zlip tends to have a file size larger than 7zip, but has the shortest processing time.

The advantages of PNG Animator that we like most is the color of the background section can be replaced in the preview section. This feature is useful for testing stickers with various background colors.

PNG Animator Background Color

Bella The Princess Poodle sticker download

PNG animator also has its own file extension. Contains complete information such as duration, PNG sequence files, very useful if we need to change the duration of APNG.

PNG Animator is currently only available on the Mac App Store. Hopefully PNG Animator developers are considering a non-App Store version for users who do not have an account or anti-Mac App Store, and of course, we expect a Windows version.

PNG Animator is sold for $3, download di Mac App Store.