Our iMessage Stickers Gone Free

Tuesday November 7th, 2017
Free iMessage Stickers

Since the first time we started STCKRmarket, we are determined all our stickers must available on Apple devices as iMessage sticker app. This native iPad and iPhone message app were not too familiar for most illustrators and animators who are dominated by Android users. But turned out, iMessage sticker app become a promising platform for those who are looking for extra income from stickers.

Now, we have published more than 50 stickers available on Apple app store for all iMessage user to use. With many more stickers on our released schedule, we decided that it is time for some of our stickers to start a new life as a free iMessage sticker. So, what are you waiting for? Download these newly free iMessage stickers, and add more fun to your messages.

Free iMessage Stickers: Little Bunny

Naughty little boy soul inside a cute bunny body. Are you the person who always expressively jumping around and loudly screamed out your feelings? Then, Little Bunny iMessage sticker is the perfect one for you.

Free iMessage Stickers: Bearelina

Bearelina is an epitome of a drama queen. It is a little brown bear in a pink tutu who love ballet so much, she does everything in ballet poses. Bearelina is a perfect iMessage sticker for every queen out there.

Free iMessage Stickers: Polarina

Polarina is Bearelina’s twin. But, she is about less drama and more emotions. Polarina is a perfect iMessage sticker for all strong woman, that will not let the world told you what you should do or how you should behave.

Free iMessage Stickers: Swaggy

Swaggy is a perfect iMessage sticker for you who lives a work hard party hard lifestyle. Swaggy is an iMessage Sticker that you can use from early morning to late at night, from boring office to exciting dance floor to lazy Sunday.

Free iMessage Stickers: Crazy Sibling

These too sibling are mental, they do stupid things like putting bucket as helmet. Crazy Sibling stickers is perfect iMessage Sticker for anyone with young at heart and mind.

Free iMessage Stickers: Puss In Box

Puss In Box is a unique cat because its head always stays hidden inside a box. But, his emotions magically drawn on the box. Just like a regular cat, Puss In Box loves fish and sleeping. But Puss In Box iMessage sticker is special because it also does human thing like working on his laptop and watching a movie on theater.

Want More Free iMessage Stickers

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We are also looking for sticker creator who wants to publish their original character, intellectual property into sticker LINE and/or iMessage. Submit your stickers to get it published, if you have question feel free to ask via our social media channels, your question will be answered by our content editor.