LINE is showing sign of declining

Tuesday May 23rd, 2017

Everything has a cycle. Even the most hype chat application in Indonesia, LINE slowly show a decline. LINE first entered Indonesia as a chat app, then later introduced features such as a LINE sticker, mobile game, shopping platform and official account for business.

TechInAsia reported that after reached its peak in the 2nd quarter of 2016, LINE slowly shows declining on monthly active user numbers. LINE stated that it closed 2016 by losing 3 million monthly active users, and another 3 million by the 1st quarter of 2017.

This number might be a lot, or it can also be small because LINE never officially released their total user numbers. One thing for sure, this is bad news for LINE sticker designers who depends on LINE Creators Market for their source of income.

However, even though they keep losing active user, LINE is still profitable, and their revenue keeps rising. That’s one good reason for you not to worry. LINE will not go anywhere. Instead, they are focusing more on big four countries with most users: Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.

But it is never a bad idea to have your LINE sticker design published on other applications as well. The competition is fierce, and we will never know which application will become the next must-have in Indonesia. By submitting your sticker design to STCKRmarket, you can have your sticker publish on various applications including LINE and Apple iMessage. You only need to send one file size; we will prepare the design and handle the administration process for you.

What do you think about Line conditions? Which application will replace it?

Source: TechinAsia