How To Get LINE Points To Buy Sticker

Thursday November 23rd, 2017
How To Get LINE Points

There are various ways to get a sticker for free. Can be a gift from another LINE account, sticker promotion by creators, free sticker from an official account or buy the sticker with LINE Points.

What are LINE Points? And how to use it to buy stickers?

What are LINE Points?

LINE points is one of feature of LINE’s reward system from LINE business partner for LINE users. The points can be used to buy products sold by LINE, such as stickers and themes.

There are two types of LINE Points. LINE Points that can be used forever, and LINE Points that have an expiration time. We recommend using LINE Points immediately to avoid reducing the number of points.

How to get LINE Points

LINE points have an official account called LINE Points, which announces the promotion. To get LINE Points, users are usually required to perform an action, such as having to install an application, visit a page or follow an official account. Once done, you will get LINE Points.

Accessing Line Points

The total number of LINE Points you owned can be viewed on the settings page. You can also see active LINE Points promo by tapping LINE Points amount. On the LINE Points page, you will see a list of promotion along with the tasks you have to do to earn additional LINE Points.

How To Get LINE Points To Buy Sticker

Keep an eye on the official LINE Points account to get the latest LINE Points promotion via notifications because some promotion has a time limit.

For those of you who want to hunt for more LINE Points, check out the TapJoy section at the bottom of the LINE Points page. You can get additional LINE Points by installing an application or completing a survey promoted by TapJoy.

How To Buy Sticker With LINE Points

In the latest version of LINE, LINE Points can not be used directly to buy stickers or themes. You must convert LINE Points to prepaid credit first from Use tab. The number of LINE Points for 50 thousand Rupiah as much as 61.236 points. The example if for Indonesian LINE account, it varies based on user location.

Line Points exchange

Once LINE Points are converted to credit, then you can buy stickers using your prepaid credit.

Yeah… The total of LINE Points to be collected is quite a lot. But, with 50 thousand Rupiah, Indonesian can buy as many as 20 sticker packs containing 8 stickers.

Are you avid users of LINE Points? Please, share tips and tricks on how to get or use LINE Points in the comments below.

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