Why You Should Publish iMessage Stickers

Tuesday July 25th, 2017

iMessage, Apple’s owned chat app embedded on each iOS device introduced sticker feature back at 2016. With its young age, this feature has attracted a lot of sticker creators from all over the world to sell their stickers on Apple App Store.

It is unfortunate that many designers still not interested in releasing their stickers on iMessage. It is unknown to many that iMessage sticker has a lot of advantages compare to another chat apps.

Bigger and Wider Users

Apple is a popular platform in America dan Europe and iMessage have a lot of regular users there. With varieties of promotion for office workers and family, making Apple iOS users vary widely on the term of age range and background demographics. Unfortunately, Apple received less response in Asia which dominated by Android platform. So, make sure to create global sticker if you want to get good results from Apple.

Sticker Creator Friendly Environment

Poorina sticker download

iMessage stickers were grouped based on age rating, allowed sticker creators to freely create stickers with a suitable theme for selected age group. LINE rejected our sticker Poorina due to its shape which not suitable for children, but we have no problem released it on iMessage. Apple also more open to stickers related to a public figure, for example, our sticker Kokoh Galak dan Guru Kalem which based on politician Basoeki Tjahaja Purnama dan Anies Baswedan respectively.

Power To Protect Your Intellectual Property

We got many stories from LINE sticker creators whose design was stolen by Apple app developers. This bad thing also happened to us, but we managed to ask Apple to take down the thief’s app after we filed a complaint as Apple developer. If you don’t have Apple developer account, all you can do is file a complaint as a user, and somehow Apple response was rather slower.

To open an Apple Developer Account, you need to pay the US$99/year subscriber fee. But, you don’t need to worry because if you publish your sticker through STCKRmarket, you don’t have to pay anything. We will handle all the release expenses for you.

 There are no limitations regarding total sticker per pack

There are no limitations about how many stickers you should or can put into an iMessage sticker pack. A pack of eight stickers or 40 stickers could be sold at the same selling price. If you are really confident with your sticker quality, you can gain bigger profits by minimizing the number of stickers in each set and increasing the number of sets sold

Update Your Stickers

Feeling dissatisfied with your already published sticker? Worry no more. In iMessage, you can change, increase or reduce the number of stickers on your sticker pack easily because Apple treats your sticker as an application, every change will be considered as an app update.

Share Your Sticker For Free Or Make It Free

Swaggy sticker download

Once your sticker approved for released on Apple App Store, you will get 100 redeem code that you can use to share your sticker for free to your friends and family who use iOS gadget. Or, you can make your sticker free for some duration.

Want to know more about publishing your stickers on multiple apps with just one time submissions? Contact STCKRmarket team now, and we’d be more than happy to talk with you. Chat with us on LINE @STCKRmarket (with “@”) and Facebook Messenger.

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