How To Download and Install iMessage Stickers

Monday November 20th, 2017
free imessage stickers

In iOS 10, Apple introduced stickers to the iMessage app. The sticker is most wanter feature awaited by iMessage users. Currently, there are thousands of iMessage apps and stickers available on the App Store, which can be used and shared by hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad and Mac users. Have you used an iMessage sticker?If you haven’t used it yet, we will guide how to download and install iMessage sticker.

Understanding iMessage Stickers

iMessage sticker can be found through the App Store for iMessages which can be accessed via the iMessage app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device.

  1. Open the iMessage app, then press the App Store icon, it will open iMessage app/sticker drawer. Press the App Store button located at the bottom left if your screen display is not like the picture below.
    iMessage Sticker Drawer
  2. Press the Visit Store button to open the App Store for iMessage sticker to access the App Store for iMessage.
  3. In the App Store, you can search by searching using a particular keyword or from the listing. We recommend to try our free sticker list.

Once the App Store for iMessage app opens, it’s time to install stickers. Press the search button search located at the top right screen. Type the names of one of our free stickers: Little Bunny Sticker, Beareline, Polarina, Swaggy, Crazy Sibling, Puss In Box or Dimo.

Free iMessage Sticker

The sticker that has been downloaded can be accessed via icon sticker pack on the bar at the bottom.

Downloading iMessage stickers is very easy, right? In the next article, we will review tips on how to use stickers in iMessage.

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