Most Commonly Used Sticker Emotion

Thursday July 13th, 2017

Since STCKRmarket launched, we have published more than 60 sticker packs for Line and Apple iMessage. Each sticker pack contains 8, 32, 24 or 40 stickers, created by both STCKReators and STCKRmarket team. When totaled, these stickers have been used up to hundreds of thousands of times by the user

Not many people know that stickers have analytics, just like another social media. On the analytics dashboard, we can review which emotions are popular and which isn’t. Creators can use these analytics results to create stickers based on most popular emotions among netizens.

Basically, stickers were separated into three emotions categories: positive, negative and neutral. Below were most popular stickers on each emotion category. Data was compiled from LINE user worldwide.

Sticker with Positive Emotion

positive stickers

Our predictions are correct. If we are looking at a number, stickers showing love and affections were very popular. If you were planning to create stickers for a couple, Kiss and Hug were the most used expressions on positive emotion category. Cool and OMG! were also very popular because we can use it to respond to many things.

Sticker with Negative Emotion

negative stickers

For negative emotions category Scared was the must have expression. Surprisingly, Evil Laugh and Speechless also used many times.

Sticker with Neutral Emotion

neutral stickers

What most surprising was Hi! and Hello! expressions were the most used expressions on neutral emotion category. We never expected people to send greetings multiple times. But we guess we were wrong.

You can use these analytic results as a basic idea when planning your sticker. Users will be more inclined to buy stickers that have popular emotions which commonly used.

Have you ever experienced the moment where your least favorite sticker turned out to be the best seller? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section below.