Collection Stickers For Father

Monday June 19th, 2017

Express your love to your father with LINE and Apple iMessage stickers by sending the sticker as messages or send it as gift.


Workcatholic tell a story of a hardworking father cat at his office, the idea comes from Karoshi (a term for hardworking worker from Japan). The sticker pack divided into two for mini pack, currently only available for LINE, but we will add more Workcatholic stickers and release it to iMessage.

Workcatholic Mini Pack 1

sticker cat

Workcatholic Mini Pack 2

Workcatholic line sticker pack

Super Dramatic Chicken

Looking for a weird expression sticker? Super Dramatic Chicken iMessage sticker might be the one you looking for. Sticker pack contain 16 bizarre expressions and poses.

Super Dramatic Chicken Sticker

Si Ujang

Si Ujang is goofy boy from Indonesia, he loves to mix Sundanese language and English. To be honest, the result is sounds cool!

Komik Lieur: Aki Bagja

Aki Bagja is a character from a popular gag comic from Indonesia. He's the nicest grandpa ever. Enjoy his witty wisdom with these stickers.

Ramadan Mini Pack

Komik Lieur Sticker

Eid Mini Pack

Komik Lieur Sticker

Kokoh Galak

Kokoh Galak may be looks fierce, but deep inside his heart is soft as kitty fur.

Sticker Kokoh Galak untuk LINE

Guru Kalem

This stickers will remind you for your childhood teacher!

Guru Kalem Sticker for Apple iMessage

Have you download one of our stickers above? If yes please give it a shout in comment. It's time to surprised your father by giving out one of stickers, and make him proud for being a father.