How To Create Politically Themed Digital Stickers

Monday July 2nd, 2018

Political activities were almost always massive and comprehensive series of events. Candidates were trying as hard as they could to mobilize all marketing media they could use. Digital sticker, even though has much potential to become fun and memorable promotional tool, not yet a top choice for political party and their candidates. That’s why all politically themed digital stickers currently available to use was a fanart.

Some chat app does have a free from politically themed sticker policy. Line, for example, does not allow stickers containing candidates or political themes on their platform. However, the restrictions do not mean an obstacle to some sticker creators to release a politically themed sticker.


Kim Jong Un, the dear leader of North Korea, might be the most talked about political leader nowadays. Telegram Sticker 김정은 | North Korea, Kim Jong-un illustrates his character in a parodic way, showing him as a K-pop fan and playing with nuclear bombs. This type of sticker is suitable for characters who have a sense of humor and able to see the funny side of his/her characters or policy.

Character Introductions

So many political candidates possessed a unique personality. iMessage sticker Kokoh Galak (Stern Brother) illustrates the former Jakarta, Indonesia’s Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama’s memorable gestures. He was well-known to have a habit of pointing or use stern words towards his staffs whose work is considered unsatisfactory. This type of sticker is suitable for candidates who have memorable or unique traits.


Play a game with a sticker. iMessage Sticker Pixel President shows that stickers can be a material of historical education. This sticker pack consists of two types of stickers: one type contains only information of the presidency period, the other one gives full details of the president including name and a short biography. The sticker designer also provides a tutorial on how we can use this sticker to play guessing game the name of the President.


Even though not an official sticker, everyone seems to agree that Line sticker Urang Bandung reminded us of Ridwan Kamil, former mayor of Bandung, Indonesia and elected governor of West Java, Indonesia. This kind of sticker face the risk of rejection from Line, but could easily pass in Apple iMessage and Telegram. This type of sticker is suitable for characters who are willing to appear like an ordinary people. Urang Bandung Line Sticker shows ‘Ridwan Kamil’ as a Persib (Bandung’s football club) fans, hate Monday and stuck in traffic jam.


Controversial is one word that we have in mind regarding the current USA president Donald Trump. iMessage sticker Trump Sticker Pack has an interesting concept that allowed users to combine Trump’s gesture illustration and text balloons of his quotes. This concept exploits iMessage’s drag-and-drop sticker feature.

Are you interested in making political theme stickers? Let’s chat with STCKRmarket to know which parts of your sticker were prone to rejection from apps.

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