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Tuesday June 26th, 2018
Office Worker LINE iMessage Sticker

After a long holiday, sometimes coming back to office life becomes a burden. Chatting could be a fun way to freshen up your mind in between mounting tasks.

These Line stickers, iMessage stickers, and Mojitok sticker are a way to express your feeling during work hour. Do you feel bored, happy or even feel the need to warn your colleague that his slow work pace will injure your team’s performances? Just send a sticker.

Line Sticker


Workcatholic Line Sticker is for you workaholics who was constantly working on your laptop and cellphone. This black cat is a dedicated boss who loves meetings and reading charts, just like you.

Gadis Kantor (Office Girl)

Office Girl Line Sticker expressed the up and down of office worker daily life. The worst thing is that she missed her boyfriend so bad, but she will only able to meet him after work hour.

Office Worker Muteki and Tekurada

Japanese are well known as a notoriously hard worker. However, do you have any idea about how their daily work life was like?. Office Worker Muteki and Tekurada is a sticker pack that shows it.

iMessage Sticker

Auditor’s Confession

Behind successful project, there is a hard working auditor. Auditor Confession iMessage Sticker is for you who work long hour with so many over time. Your daily life consists of the morning commute and finishes working in the middle of the night. Sounds familiar?

Work Stickers

Work Stickers iMessage Sticker is a unique pack because it combines classic comic art style with a meme. If you are comic lovers and currently feeling stressful with your job situation, this sticker pack might be the perfect one for you.

Office Works Sticker

Daily conversation in the office almost always revolves around the same tasks or problems. If you feel that writing the same thing again and again on office group chat is a husle, why don’t just send this Office Works Sticker iMessage Sticker to communicate your feelings?

Mojitok App

Playful Husky

Playful Husky iMessage Sticker is one of our best sellers, and now you can use it for free via Mojitok App. The sticker pack was not exclusively about office life, but two stickers summarize your daily tasks: sending tasks to your colleagues and waiting for your colleagues to send you the finish work.

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