What’s New on iOS 11 iMessage?

Friday June 16th, 2017
What's New on iOS 11 iMessage?

iMessage as the default iOS chat app that supports SMS, MMS and data chat only gets a few new features. These are the new iMessage features that will be available when iOS 11 is launched for public.

iMessage Supports Apple Pay

If you are Apple Pay user, it will be easier for you to sending money, collecting debts or invoicing your clients. With iOS 11, users could send money instantly and securely via Apple Pay on iMessage using a debit or credit card. When you received a payment, it will be stored in Apple Pay Cash that can be used to buy apps, music and online shopping. You can also transfer your Apple Pay Cash into your bank account.

Unfortunately, Apple Pay is not yet available globally. It is only available in USA, UK, China, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, France, Hongkong, Russia, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, and Ireland.

New User Interface Design for Choosing Sticker

Stickers make chatting on iMessage more expressive. For sticker designers, it is a relieve that Apple did not launch any new feature regarding the sticker itself. However, they change how sticker pack selections on iMessage work.

In iOS 10, users need five taps to select the desired sticker. The first step was to press the app icon. Then, you have to press thumbnail icon to bring up the sticker pack list. The third step required you to chose the desired sticker pack, then picked sticker expression that you would like to use. The last step was to send the sticker.

In iOS 11, the process was reduced one step, because your sticker list will always be available at the bottom of the screen. First, you need to press the application icon, then choose the sticker pack. After that, choose the expression that you would like to use, and click send.

This new user interface design makes it more comfortable to send stickers on iMessage, especially for users who have a lot of sticker packs.

Machine Learning, Learning Your Types

Apple mentioned many times about Machine Learning that can be utilized by iOS applications. Machine Learning is what makes AI understand users more accurate and faster than. Machine Learning will be fully integrated on iMessage, every type on iMessage will be recorded and iMessage will finally offer suggestions based on your habits. For example, Machine Learning will detect when you type a restaurant name, iMessage can directly give the restaurant menu suggestion if you are talking about food. Third party developers can apply Machine Learning to third parties, such as displaying relevant stickers when users type an emotion.

iCloud Sync

iCloud becomes more useful with the addition of new features in iOS 11, such as file sharing, and most importantly the ability to sync iMessage messages to all devices. In iOS 11 your iMessage history will be stored on iCloud will automatically synced when you bought new devices.

That’s the iOS 11 feature that will be available on iMessage which will be available later this year. Do you know of other features that we did not mention above? Please write down on comment below.