7 Digital Sticker ideas for August 2018

Wednesday July 4th, 2018

August is a month full of celebrations. If you still confused with the theme for your next digital sticker pack, worry no more, just scroll down to see some ideas.

Digital ticker creation process usually takes one to two weeks work. And the release process on each messaging app will take around one to four weeks. So, you better hurry to make sure your sticker available for sell before the celebration start.

If you interested to have your digital sticker released on multiply messaging apps contact us to know how you can do that with only four simple steps.

International Beer Day (August 3rd)

On image: Chibi Boy and Ash The Husky

Time to have an ultimate good time for beer lovers. In many cultures, beer is number one beverage choice for a party or social events. Korea, one the heaviest beer drinking country even have the famous Chicken And Beer cuisine. Shows how you were enjoying your beer in your digital sticker design. Don’t forget that the next day will be International Hangover Day.

Indonesia Independence Day (August 17th)

On Image: Chibi Boy 17an

Happy 73rd birthday Indonesia, the country with one of the highest mobile phone users. Indonesia loves messaging apps, and they love stickers and emojis as well. It is a good month to show your love and appreciation for Indonesia in your digital sticker designs. A little hint: Bali is a part of Indonesia and not a country 😉

Chinese Valentine Day (August 17th)

On image: Chibi Couple

Romance is almost always the most sought off sticker theme. Qixi or Qiqiao in Chinese or Tanabata in Japanese based on Chinese mythology. That day is a celebration of the love of the weaver girl and the cowherd who is only allowed to meet once a year. So, don’t you think it is a good time for lovey-dovey digital sticker design with Chinese or Japanese touch on it?.

Asian Games 2018 (August 18th)

On image: Playful Husky

August will be an excellent time to publish or remarketing your sport themed digital stickers. There will be 45 countries compete in the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta dan Palembang, Indonesia. Little insights: soccer, badminton, volleyball, and basketball usually have the most spectator.

World Mosquito Day (August 20th)

On image: Ash The Husky

Do you know that mosquito is the deadliest animal in the world? Mosquito bites result in the deaths of more than 1 million people every year. So, the mosquito is a perfect character for a supervillain themed digital sticker. More super than Thanos perhaps?

Idul Adha (August 21st)

On image: Choco Cat

Perfect celebration to publish your cow, lamb, goat and camel stickers. Digital sticker designs full of delicious foods and ceremony will be a wonderful addition to this Islam’s holy day.

Slender Man (August)

The slender man started as nothing but a fictional character made famous by the internet. Its massive popularity followed by a cult believe that the Slender man is indeed real even caused homicide case in real life. Slender Man the movie will be released by August 2018. It is more of a cultish type of film than box office material, but it could be a good idea to bring Slender Man to digital sticker realm as well.

There are a couple of ideas that only suitable for Indonesia market. Do you know that messaging app is huge in Indonesia and digital sticker is very popular. Contact us now to know how you can sell your sticker to this emerging market.

Which sticker would you use the most on August? Let’s share on comment section.